This is me, with my family. Keith, Edwin, and Riah. This was taken by my sister, and pretty much sums up how each of us feel about life in general, but my sister specifically. More on that later.

I’m 27 for right now, autistic, disabled (HEDS–Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), mentally ill (major depression, dysthymia, anxiety, assorted other symptoms), and fat, as you can see. No, I don’t have a weight loss plan. No I am not healthy. No I do not care.

INFP, Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff combination if I can cheat like that (I have a Mickey Mouse ears hat that says I can, it says “Ravenpuff”), Team Mystic.

Grey asexual, panromatic, yes I’m attracted to my husband, yes I have sex, yes I will talk about it if you want, I live to educate. Let’s just say I’m female,¬†she/her pronouns. Yes, I will talk about it if you want. I’m an open book. Open blog. Open mind? Probably too much so, yes.

I work as a clerk at a local bakery/small deli/coffee bar. I don’t make a lot there, and I don’t work more than a few days a week, but I make more than minimum wage, so I am happy with it. I am also a professional author (moriahgemel.com) of LGBTQIAP+ romance novels, the dirty kind. I also work with my husband to make my place livable if nothing else, and I live for and love my 4 year old son, who is also autistic.

Anything else, just ask.