Eff you, Dayquil

No, I’m just kidding. I love Dayquil. It’s allowing me to breathe right now. Not all the way–I’m still a little stuffy, but it’s much better than the total blockage I had this morning. Also? Whose bright idea was it to put menthol in fucking Dayquil? It tastes ridiculously disgusting, and I’m a big fan of menthol generally speaking. But not with Dayquil? That’s a particularly…yuck. I just. Cannot.

Anyway. I’m in a good mood. It turns out, 11 hours of sleep is my prime amount. I feel very well rested after 11 hours’ rest on muscle relaxers and Nyquil. And I’m in a good mood. Usually I’m not that great at being in a good mood, I kind of sulk inside (I’m perfectly friendly and lovely outside, of course) and I’m a little mopey. I admit it, it’s the dysthymia plus a lifetime of negativity. I just…tend toward sadness. But apparently not today, when I’m well-rested and off birth control (it was apparently affecting my mood pretty badly, as well as making me nauseated and unable to keep food down) and covered in acne? Yeah that happened, but I suppose I’ll wear makeup if I have to leave the house. Or not. I don’t particularly care if other people think I’m pretty. But I don’t like acne? It’s annoying? Anyway.

But yes, good mood in spite of that. And Edwin is in a good mood, too, which is nice after several days of complete meltdowns in which he literally attacked me: tooth, nail, and fist (and occasionally feet and head too). But he’s great today, cuddly, sweet, funny, loving on the cats and on me, kissing everyone and everything (including the walls?) and not speaking much but generally being great. He had a whole conversation with our old beaut of a cat Bishi, telling him how funny he was and asking for kisses and asking how he was, stuff like that. But he won’t speak to me? That’s okay. We all have our brain quirks in the autism spectrum. If he can express himself to the cat and not to me, that’s okay. The cat is a great companion, let me tell you. He’s been with me for over 13 years (his whole life, barring the first 3 weeks when he was under a barn in a Farmer’s Museum) and he’s been through EVERYTHING with me. I cannot tell you how much my kitty means to me. He is like…my first baby, I feel about him the way I feel about Edwin, genuinely. And he’s getting old and…oh hush, Riah, don’t get emotional.

Seriously, he’s the best cat ever. He literally tries to heal me with his purrs whenever I have an injury or illness or particularly bad flareup. Just, goes to where it hurts worst, lays on or next to it, and purrs. He does this no other time except to sleep on my head at night. On it. Like a cap. He takes up most of my pillow.

Anyway. Other stuff. This is just a general update, as I am sure you can tell by now.


Oh! I am going to be writing again soon! I haven’t written fiction (aside from a few little “drabbles,” or very short stories, like less than a page, just peeks into a story) in MONTHS and I am rusty as hell, but I have an idea and it wants to be written so tomorrow night when everyone’s asleep I’m going to SIT DOWN AND OUTLINE AND START WRITING A STORY. YAY.

Other than that, life is pretty boring. I did the dishes. I swept the floor (I also had a bout of aphasia about that, I couldn’t think of the word “sweep” and instead I said, “I have to brush the floor.”). I watched TV and scrolled through my various social media sites. And now I’m here, rambling on because I am so bored out of my mind and have so much energy that I’m like, I should do something.

So there it is. How are y’all doing today?



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