For those just joining me here on this blog, I need to warn you. There are explicit stories here, VERY explicit, VERY TMI. This includes a lot of swearing, talk about sex, talk about rape, talk about abuse, talk about lying, talk about stupidity (on my part), talk about drugs and alcohol, and so far it’s mostly in the past. I do write a little bit about what’s going on now, but only so far as my personal life goes into what informs the past–that I’m disabled, that I’m in pain, that I’m sick sometimes, that I have a job now (I do not mention ANYONE from there by name and I do not go into details except to discuss my medical situation. I do not speak for my employer and my opinions and stories are my own, and I won’t name anyone from my job).

Just…because I know a few people are going to read my blog soon, and I don’t want to have people coming in blind. There’s a lot of disturbing content on this blog, as well as serious TMI. I don’t hold back. I tell the absolute truth, and I give details. Please, if this bothers you, exit out. I don’t want to force anyone to read stuff that makes them uncomfortable.

Okay. There we go. I’m covering myself.


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