Underestimation, such an irritation

I underestimated my landlady. Instead of selling the house out from under or trying to kick us out, she gently implied she COULD kick us out and then said we have to pay her back for the electric company fining her and putting that money into our electric/gas account. So instead of us owing nothing to the electric company until that $500+ she paid into our account runs out, we now owe HER our electric/gas bill money every month, instead of to the electric/gas company. So basically we’re paying her back for HER fine with the electric/gas company with the money we would’ve used to pay the electric/gas company if none of this never happened.

And we can’t get out of it. She can kick us out. And she has a lawyer for a son (who is, by the way, rumored to be dirty) who will take her case for free, and we have nothing and no way to afford a lawyer and my lawyer aunt wouldn’t take the case because she’s basically retired now so…we’re stuck. We have to pay anyway. Just to a different source.

Sigh, I thought money cat worked for me. Not so, not so. I am rarely the recipient of good magic. My karma didn’t pay me back after all. Probably because I mentioned it in the first place. Karma isn’t as strong as Murphy’s laws.


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