Last one I promise

I mentioned the other day that I needed a doctor’s note for work to talk about my disability and limitations? I got a note saying I AM disabled, I have a chronic condition, please allow absence if it flares up. My boss was like uh? And asked for more details, like how much I can work, how many hours, how much I can lift, etc.

My doctor is normally very helpful. But today, she was not. I asked for that limitations list, and she gave me a three line note that said I have NO limitations (which is a lie), and she only wrote the previous note because I asked her to (which is also a lie, I discussed it with her and she AGREED I should and then she took it upon herself to give it to me instead of sending me to my pain specialist), and then she made it look like I’m just whining and faking it by saying I said it’s “just to open up conversation” and “make [boss] aware” and it’s not for anything special. Like…?????? That’s not copacetic?

So I called my pain specialist myself. Once she’s back from vacation next week, I’ll have a new, more detailed note that will hopefully be discussed with me at some point.


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