Why I am a parent

I just had to gently tell off Edwin and let him know that kitties need the whole house at night and can’t stay in just his room, so he’d have to open his door and let Bishi out. It’s perhaps my proudest mama moment, and such an absolute joy to have him understand. Edwin loves Bishi so much that he literally trapped him so he wouldn’t run away, and then willingly let him go because he didn’t want Bishi to “poop his diaper.” It’s the most amazing combination of that’s my boy for loving the cats that much, and oh shit that’s a bad idea for him to imprison Bishi with no litterbox or food. But then, he immediately acts out of love with logic and listening I rarely see from him. I don’t know how to react, so I’m just gonna be happy with my sweet loving boy and let the rest of the shit go. He didn’t mean any harm, and immediately corrected himself when told why he should, and that’s all that matters for me.


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