Howdy, even though I’m not Southern

I’ll say y’all too. I am from New York. But the Southern-esque part of New York, hours from the City, where cows are for milking, eating, AND um…loving. I mean that euphemistically. A local news story once covered how “loving” the videotaped footage of cow/human fornication was. Well…rape, anyway. I don’t think cows have the legal right to consent, considering they can’t talk, even though the people doing it insisted the cow liked it.

And there are a lot of Confederate Flags. We’re Yankees. Our team is literally the Yankees. IDK.

But I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Moriah, but you can call me Riah, because the Mo part got ruined for me, and I only express myself online. I’ve been doing so for years on Tumblr, but I supposed I could probably get a different audience on here, and expand my horizons. The internet kind, anyway. Where I live doesn’t really have horizons, because of all the hills in the way. But I digress–I have a hard time showing emotions and communicating in person, I struggle with words. I am autistic, as is my 4 year old son, and neither of us are (is? I’m a writer GDI) very good at talking. But writing is my strength, as I found out when I published two books (out from Interlude Press–they’re gay and naughty, go for it). So here I go, going at it some more. Usually I used Tumblr to bitch about things, like my husband Keith, because there is a lot to bitch about between the two of us. In my entire life, actually.

See, I don’t know if this is going to be funny or charming or absurd or anything like that. My life is often all those things, but the significant stuff is mostly really depressing and disturbing and not so fun. I’ll talk about that stuff. But I’ll also talk about the other stuff when I can remember it through my swiss-cheese brain. Like the fact that my son is standing on the couch beside me, throwing a Scooby-Doo Snuggie over my head over and over, yelling, “SURPRISE!” It’s not really a surprise anymore, after the fiftieth time, but I’m letting him express himself.

But here it is. I hope you enjoy as you follow along. I say exactly what I think, as I think it,  unfiltered, and then edit more in later because my good thoughts are really slow sometimes. I’ll tell stories both past and present and maybe some future too, because I happen to be psychic, which I inherited from my mother.

But more on that later.


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